TradeTec is a leading technology company in the forest industry today. TradeTec provides solutions for lumber inventory management, log inventory management, log accounting software, lumber tally software, log scaling and grading software. From the evaluation of standing timber to the distribution of value-added products, our log and lumber inventory software provides the information to seamlessly manage the movement of wood from source, to supplier, to customer.
TradeTec has been committed to the forest industry for over 28 years. We have a software application for every segment of the industry and for all sizes of manufacturers and distributors of forest related products.

TallyWorks Lumber, our lumber inventory system, and TallyWorks Logs, log inventory system, together make up the TallyWorks Suite which is used extensively across North America to improve business management. It gives you the tools for better control by providing accurate information available at each stage of production. With up-to-the-minute costing and inventory data you can improve sales, better manage operations, better utilize your resources, and improve your customer relations.

Our software solutions are built entirely upon Microsoft platforms and are able to be integrated throughout departments across multiple locations, making TallyWorks a powerful communication and reporting tool.
We can supply you with all your hardware needs, from the ultra-rugged field pc Allegro 2 to workstations, printers and other peripherals - we provide it all.                                

TradeTec is a proud member of the following associations:

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