Tallyworks Lumber

The TallyWorks Lumber solution is a powerful tool for managing all aspects and all segments of the wood products industry beyond primary breakdown. With its vast configuration tools and easy movement between Units of Measure, TallyWorks Lumber is a powerful application used in:
  • Hardwood mills
  • Remanufacturing plants
  • Speciality, Millwork and Value-Added plants
  • Distribution centers
  • Plywood and Veneer production
  • Wholesaling operations
TallyWorks Lumber can be used in integration with TallyWorks Logs or as a standalone application for managing all states of lumber inventory and sawmilling operations including all the value-added processes you undertake. Tracking recovery and trim losses and transferring costs across production runs.

TallyWorks provides the integrated solution for purchasing lumber, all facets of producing lumber in its various and inventory management and of course sales, shipping and invoicing.

It has so much more than just this though with today's industry being so much more complicated, TallyWorks has an incredible array of functions that allow you to track and analyze the flow of wood whether it's direct orders or VMI programs, domestic or overseas with export documentation requirements. There is no limit to what TradeTec can provide the solution for.

TallyWorks Lumber is also a powerful Production Scheduling and shipping scheduling tool. With that and other planned and actual events being carried out within this integrated solution such as Purchases/Receipts, Dispatch / Shipment and Sales Orders and all the information that they can contain, TallyWorks becomes a powerful Communication tool for your operations.
Sawmill Analysis. TallyWorks Lumber tracks Log consumption data and matches it up against Lumber production by log deck or production shift, scheduled run or even the Tract of origin for target outturn reporting and provides you powerful analytical data.
Immediately you can be aware of the recovery you have made on that cut and measure it against historical in terms of volume, cost and market valuation. Manage your operations in the present, not based upon 2 or 6 weeks old financial numbers!
Handheld Computers. TradeTec is the supplier and services center for your handheld extension of the TallyWorks solution. For Chain Tally, End Tally, Block Tally and Shipping, Transfers and Physical Counts, we can connect your yards with your office in real time.
The Return on Investment is amazing when you consider; single data capture points and the elimination of re-entry (and near elimination of the miss-keying that comes from that) combined with the significant controls that are in place with this two-way electronic communication. All built as a single solution on software and hardware from the same vendor.
Lumber Inventory. The TallyWorks solution is an inventory solution like no other. It provides you the tools to conduct all of your business transaction through this integrated solution and as such, you are left with the bi-product of a perpetual and extremely accurate inventory system. With every transaction revolving your inventory movement going into TallyWorks, the system is able to quickly and easily track inventory position at any point in time, including retroactively. TallyWorks will allow you to easily reconstruct your inventory position at last month end or last year end, just by selecting it as such.
The ability to Cost your inventory and apply market valuations is quick and easy as well. TradeTec has several Costing methodologies that provide you the tools to value all production costs utilizing consumed fiber costs (of logs or lumber) and process costs (tie this to our manpower module to if you like?). TallyWorks can offer you tools including market-based-margining, moving average, FIFO and several other methodologies.
Remanufacturing. TallyWorks Lumber used independently of our Log module is a powerful remanufacturing solution. Purchase lumber and track it through any and all processes while maintaining a perpetually costed inventory system is all easily handled by utilizing TallyWorks as a single solution to replace your current methodologies.
You will save a tremendous amount of administrative time and significantly increase control and management analysis regarding trim loss and product line profitability.
TallyWorks provides you the tools to 'suggest' input materials and required volumes or optional outturn products and estimated recoveries based on your own history and TallyWorks quickly produces those plans in both paper and electronic documents for communication to your crew and to sales and purchasing for their planning initiatives.
Sales Order. Arguably the most powerful aspect of TallyWorks is the ability to harness everything captured through the other departments and encapsulate it all into friendly and informative screens that provide you the tools to make sounds sales agreements.
At hand you will have real-time stock and 'net available' inventory positions. These can be expanded to show details and/or to email tally detail or to allocate specific packs to orders. The ability to search and review orders is fast and effective.
Average current sales value by product and/or by customer are immediately available as are product costs (in various detail or user accessibility) and your products can be quickly and easily filters and sold with tremendous flexibility set by user or organization for consistency. A tremendous array of tools too numerous to mention here is at your disposal.
Shipping/Freight & Dispatch. TallyWorks includes the ability to solicit freight quotations electronically (RFQ), to create freight contracts and to schedule freight for one or many orders with one or many drops. There is no limit to the type of freight component, the ship-to or ship-from locations or the countries or borders your loads will cross and the ability for TallyWorks to provide you the tools to manage this component of your operations is extensive.
Accounting System Integration. TallyWorks has been integrated with almost every known financial system. Effectively we tie transaction processing to your G/L, A/R and A/P systems making TallyWorks the most powerful, industry specific sub-ledger to some of the largest and some of the most cost-effective financial systems known.
The TallyWorks suite of software being entirely Microsoft SQL based makes integration straight-forward and direct. No middle software is required and with that, integration issues common in other database platforms are eliminated.
Our integration points provide you all the power of financials systems to do what they do best and TallyWorks to be the best of breed, industry specific software - together you can have an integrated solution that provides two-way data transfer to ensure full information is provided where and when it's needed. For example, Sales people and shippers are aware - to the extend you choose them to be - of all receivables positions and the specifics within that position.
Reporting & Analysis. TallyWorks comes complete with hundreds of reports each with extensive filters and layout configuration options that can all be saved and shortcutted for future reference. In addition, being a Microsoft based platform, every report can be exported to MS Excel Several 3rd party report tools such as Crystal Reports can be powerful accessories to those power users wishing to create their own reports. TallyWorks provides several 'Data Grids' empowering users to sort and filter their data quickly and easily on screen and turn that into a quick report. Another popular tool is the TallyWorks Executive Dashboard, or 'TED'. This tool pulls information from all our software' and others you may be utilizing and displays it as user specific KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) for quick and easy reference or alerts to issues before they go bad.
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