Handheld Computers

TradeTec believes strongly that a powerful management application is an integrated and reliable one. As such, we have always believed firmly that the data capture tools – the software and the hardware – must be developed to work together and be maintained and supported such that they are always working together.

Since our origin, TradeTec has been a supplier of and service center for handheld computers. As an Allegro authorized dealer, our handhelds are supplied, serviced and supported by TradeTec.

TradeTec is proud to be the developer of the most ergonomic and powerful software on the most ‘rugged’ handheld available to the industry.   
Log Applications (LogMaster). LogMaster is our scaling and log trading handheld software. Logs can be scaled in your yard or remotely and can be scaled as a received load or as a potential purchase or sale. Cost & Market values are applied to them and authorized transactions can be made and transferred to TallyWorks and onto your G/L.
This software is extremely flexible, user configurable and powerful in its ability to capture data remotely and be integrated with TallyWorks for user-specific authorization levels, price tables etc.
Lumber Applications (TallyMaster). TradeTec is the supplier and services center for your handheld extension of the TallyWorks solution. For Chain Tally, End Tally, Block Tally and Shipping, Transfers and Physical Counts, we can connect your yards with your office in real time.
The Return on Investment is amazing when you consider single data capture points and the elimination of re-entry (and near elimination of the mis-keying that results from that) combined with the significant controls that are in place with this two-way electronic communication. All built as a single solution with software and hardware from the same vendor.

Allegro Handhelds. The machines we deploy are an IP67 standard. What that number means to you is that it has been measured to meet the stresses that the industry can dole out to such a machine in terms of Shock, Temperature, Water and Dust. The independent certification means that your machine can take what your team, and whatever conditions they are in, deliver.
With its large buttons, barbell shape, light weight and large screen, the Juniper Allegro windows unit is extremely popular with users in all applications of Scaling, Physical counts, Chain tally, End tally, Block tally, Shipping, Receiving and more.
The Allegro handheld is far superior to other units advertised in the effectiveness they have in the roles for which they are distributed. If you are scanning a barcode at the top of row for inventory count or perhaps the top of a rail car for shipping, or scaling in 40° below with gloves, you want to know it will work effectively.

Service & Support. TradeTec provides access to trained service technicians and offers a satisfaction commitment that your handheld unit will be maintained and returned within 48 hours of receipt or a loaner unit will be supplied.
In addition, our 24/7 support line is available to your entire team.  No matter who or when an issue arises you will be able to contact someone who can get you back in action.
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