Accounting System Integration

TallyWorks has been integrated with almost every known financial system. Effectively we tie transaction processing to your G/L, A/R and A/P systems making TallyWorks the most powerful, industry specific sub-ledger to some of the largest and some of the most cost-effective financial systems known.

The TallyWorks suite of software being entirely Microsoft SQL based makes integration straight-forward and direct. No middle software is required and with that, integration issues common in other database platforms are eliminated.

Our integration points provide you all the power of financials systems to do what they do best and TallyWorks to be the best of breed, industry specific software – together you can have an integrated solution that provides two-way data transfer to ensure full information is provided where and when it’s needed. For example, Sales people and shippers are aware - to the extend you choose them to be - of all receivables positions and the specifics within that position.
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