TED is a tool providing different individuals with valuable information pertinent to them in their role in your business.

TED provides users with ‘KPI’ snapshots in graphical or ‘data grid’ format. KPI’s – Key Performance Indicators – are user defined conditions and data that are configured for the specific user is to be notified of in order to make pertinent and timely management decisions at any given time. Or perhaps, to have the information at hand that is necessary to make sound sales or negotiation decisions to maximize resources and drive success.

* TED provides Sales Managers immediate inventory sales position, salesperson performance and product line results for example.

* Production Management is empowered with timely falldown or trim loss information and costing analysis that provides the ability to accurately track fiber recovery and react to unexpected anomalies.

* Shipping /Receiving can track the demands and scheduled activity placed on their resources.

* Executives can easily keep high level trace on operations and business activity from their office or remote location with the tools to drill down into any ‘red flag’ issues as they arise, before, they get out of hand.
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