May 9, 2016
Three decades of success and still growing
Parksville, BC., May 1, 2016 - TradeTec Computer Systems Ltd., the leading developer of intuitive software solutions for the logs and lumber industry, is excited to have reached its 30-year anniversary. 

Since its founding on May 1, 1986, TradeTec has developed a software application for every segment of the industry and every size manufacturer or distributor of forest and forest related products. TradeTec has lead the industry in setting the LogMaster 5 standards and capitalizing on computerization by creating its own handheld log scaling computer "The Ranger."

It has offices throughout North America and 75% of its employees have been with the company for 10 years or more. Founder, CEO and software developer, David Ranger, is continuing to pave the way to the future with Visual Maintenance Man, asset maintenance scheduling software built for the 21st century. 

TradeTec's track record of results and success is due to its investment in people, product development, and technology. As a Microsoft certified partner since 2003, it ensure all software is compatible with Microsoft operating systems and applications. TradeTec Computer Systems Ltd. has become a one stop shop so it can service its customers complete needs, including selling and servicing handhelds, scanners and bar code printers. 

For more information on the company, please visit or call 1-800-278-1098. 

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February 1, 2016
Don’t void your warranty by letting an unauthorized representative repair your Juniper device! 
TradeTec is Canada’s only authorized service center for:
  • Allegro 2
  • Archer 2
  • Allegro MX
  • Archer

TradeTec provides access to trained service technicians and offers a satisfaction commitment that your handheld unit will be maintained and returned within 48 hours of receipt or a loaner unit will be supplied.

In addition, our 24/7 support line is available to your entire team.  No matter who or when an issue arises you will be able to contact someone who can get you back in action

We also sell handheld service agreement to help you maintain your devices.  Call or email us today to learn more 1-800-278-1098
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Aug 24 2015
Dave Monkman is our first and longest serving employee, he’s been with TradeTec for over 25 years.   He’s passionate about efficient, fast and clean data collection.  Dave has set the LogMaster 5 standards which are still used in the industry today.  Dave works best with our dirty boot clients as the handheld guy.  Through his years of experience he has developed the ability to put on the boots and work with the clients to come up with a solution.   He is a master at getting the client to see the light of simplicity.

A true island boy he previously lived on Gabriola and now resides on Vancouver Island in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.  Dave is an avid Dragon Boater and extremely fit; his hobbies include quadding and shooting.  He’s a homebody that enjoys playing in yard and gardening with his wife.

What do other staff members have to say about Dave?
•             “He knows everything about log scaling”
•             “Loyal hardworking and dogged”

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