Maintenance Man

The benefits of Visual Maintenance Man are not restricted to just the forest industry.  Anyone that manages equipment inventory and maintenance will recognize the benefits of this application. 
Visual Maintenance Man is based from a mobile device and establishes the foundation for your maintenance management with pictorial documentation using drill down hot spots. It can be used to track maintenance on any machine as it is image based. Once the “machine” has been entered into the Maintenance database, the records can be assembled and maintained.
Visual Maintenance Man features: 
  • Transceivers fixed to the machine can also track vibration, indicating tampering or equipment movement.  
  • Automated– maintenance scheduling.  
  • Alerts– Set daily, weekly and monthly alerts for scheduled maintenance.   
  • Drill Down– Enable you to determine key maintenance points using hot spots.   
  • Custom reporting on schedule, maintenance hours, downtime, part management and more.   
  • Instant access to PDF’, Word, Excel, video and web documents using on screen hotspots.  
  • Documentation– Access to historical maintenance records, warranties and manufactures documents.   
  • Work Orders– Manages corrective/preventative work orders .   
  • Compliance– Build your own maintenance training documentation, policies, procedures and compliance documentation.   
  • Purchasing orders & parts inventory tracking.   
  • JIT– Automated part re-ordering to maintain Just In Time inventory.    
  • Video Monitoring with integrated camera viewer.   
  • GPS asset tracking for up to the minute locations.   
  • Remote machine telemetry– Track machine run times by hours.  
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