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Mainland Sawmills
My Name is Albert Kovlaske and I am the General Manger of Mainland Sawmills, a division of Terminal Forest Products. I have been in this position for the past 20 years.
I have for the past 16 years enjoyed a very good relationship with TradeTec Computer Systems. Currently Mainland Sawmills uses TradeTec software in virtually every facet of the operation in this mill. In fact, we could not run the mill profitably or efficiently without it. TradeTec has always proven to be a responsive and reliable source for not only software but also: systems support, hardware, network installation and support, consumables and general technical support. They are a trusted one-stop shopping center for all of our IT needs. Currently Mainland Sawmills has the following TradeTec software packages installed:

1) TallyWorks-Lumber
2) Mill Accounting
3) Run Scheduler
4) Scheduler (TallyWorks-TimeTracker)

Each piece of software has proven itself at our operation, and has provided Mainland with a very good return on investment (< 2 years). TradeTec software has allowed us to reduce man hours and personnel in both the shipping and Tally departments, with the following efficiencies being realized:

1) We currently have the Tally people performing shipping functions, with very little extra effort.
2) All production at Mainland is tagged, providing us real-time knowledge of our inventory position and very accurate controls.
3) Costs and recoveries are tracked in real-time. 
4) Shipping requirements and production order file are immediate and efficient.
5) Reporting is fast and easy.

I have no problem in recommending TradeTec and TallyWorks to any potential customer; in fact, I recently expanded our use of their systems and purchased TimeTracker 2.0 and once again, TradeTec treated Mainland fairly and delivered exactly what was promised, on-time and to specification.


Albert Kovlaske
General Manager
Mainland Sawmills
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