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Kane Hardwoods - The Collins Companies
We have been utilizing the TallyWorks-Logs software solution to manage the procurement and inventory of logs at our mills since 2002. Since that time we have expanded the use of TallyWorks from Kane Hardwoods in Pennsylvania to our other hardwood operations in Richwood, West Virginia and our two softwood operations in Chester, California and Lakeview Oregon operations.

Installation of new software, new systems and new procedures is never without issues and the implementation of TallyWorks was no exception. At that time TradeTec Computer Systems was new to Hardwood Log procurement and that division had some unique informational requirements that tested everyone's metal.

TradeTec never wavered in their commitment to success and we are proud to be partnered with them today.

The past year in particular, we have worked closely with TradeTec, establishing our requirements and utilizing their expertise to devise procedures and reporting tools that are improving our business model by increasing control and accountability at our operations while streamlining procedures and the time taken to manage our fiber supply.

TradeTec has shown their commitment to TallyWorks and to their customers by continuously expanding and improving the software's functionality. The 24/7 support line has been very popular amongst our users and the people at TradeTec are very industry knowledgeable. We look forward to several more years working with TradeTec Computer Systems.

Steve Stilwell - Director of Information Technology
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