Why TradeTec

  1. Log and Lumber applications available from a single provider - TradeTec is a single solution provider of all facets of forest industry software. From the standing tree to shipment of your value-added remanufactured products or individual components thereof, TradeTec has a TallyWorks module to meet your requirements - or utilize them altogether to provide a seamless and integrated solutions providing your operations tremendous value chain analysis and reporting that is unmatched in the industry today. 

  2. Hardware & Software from a single provider - TallyWorks provides handheld computers, barcode scanners, label printers and more in addition to the most powerful software solutions available. What that means to you, the customer, is a single solution provider that you can trust to ensure your system is operating to the best of its ability at all times and should something be required, you have one number to call.

  3. Microsoft Certified Partner - TallyWorks solutions are all 100% Microsoft based. Our 2008 SQL database platforms and programming language ensure our customers a seamless solution that is easily and reliably integrated with their MS Office applications, their financial systems, their PLC's and with other TallyWorks (or other solution provider) databases. 

  4. 24/7 service & support - Our commitment to service is second to none. We want to ensure that you derive the most out of our applications and that your business is a success, perhaps in some small part, because of us. Our relationship with our customers is extremely important to us and, as such, we ensure you and your entire team have a number to call any time for the service and support of those products.

  5. Software Assurance - TradeTec invests thousands of development hours every year to increasing the power and function of the TallyWorks suite. Our customers' input and our involvement with governing bodies means that, as your industry requirements change, so does TallyWorks.
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