Customer Care

  1. 24/7 Telephone & On-line support - Your team can call our team anytime, all the time! No matter what the issue, if you have a report due on your boss' desk the next morning or perhaps you are the boss looking for new management information, call us!

  2. Planned Product Development - TradeTec invests more than 25,000 people-hours per year into the TallyWorks suite of products. Incorporating the changing needs of the industry and the ideas of our customers into our products results in TallyWorks being the most powerful and intuitive application available to the industry today... and is the choice for tomorrow.

  3. Software Assurance - we ensure that your software application, around which you have built many of the controls and management procedures of your organization, remains current with computer hardware and operating systems as they evolve. Upgrades are included.

  4. Industry Experience - our team comes from the forest industry. Together, we represent hundreds of years of timber and sawmilling experience. We've done the same tasks that you, our customers, are using our software to accomplish.

  5. Software & Hardware - one stop shopping. Handheld computers, printers, network equipment and more; plus, the software that drives them all. We're here to provide every aspect of your software and/or hardware requirements - we never leave you 'Bobbing for Help'.
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