Tallyworks Logs

The TallyWorks log inventory and procurement software solution is able to manage standing timber and log inventory by location and facilitate all the transactions that occur duing the procurement process. TallyWorks can tie directly to your financial system allowing all contractor payments and timber settlements and/or log sales, consumption and adjustments to be recorded into your G/L, A/R and A/P. TallyWorks tracks all this and maintains a perpetually costed inventory at cost and market valuations.
All units of measure can be used in TallyWorks, including: Scribner, Metric, Doyle, International, Pounds and Tons.
Timber Management. TallyWorks provides you the tools to enter your cruise/harvest data into a defined Timber Tract. After setting a tract up as a bid, TallyWorks will populate that tract with cost and market valuations and provide you the tools to make effective and successful bids.
Over the life of a tract, TallyWorks provides performance reporting including target and realized values of the fiber recovered.
Log Procurement. Once a bid is successful its status is changed and it becomes standing inventory at cost and market. You then setup cost functions to deplete it using internal or external resources. As those logs come into your yard, standing timber is depleted, log inventory is created and payments are made or accrued. A timber tract can be bought on a variable basis with agreed to prices being processed as the logs are received. If it is available, it can be imported or entered in TallyWorks very easily. Timber can be acquired in many ways using the TallyWorks solution including the purchase of gatewood or perhaps the purchase of a load or a deck made remotely or as described above, buying a tract of land or the timber on a tract - or a combination of all of the above methods.
Handheld Computers. LogMaster is TallyWorks scaling and grading handheld software. Logs can be scaled in your yard or remotely and can be scaled as a received load or as a potential purchase or sale. Cost & Market values are applied to them and authorized transactions can be made and transferred to TallyWorks and onto your G/L. This software is extremely flexible, user configurable and powerful in its ability to capture data remotely and be integrated with TallyWorks for user-specific authorization levels, price tables etc.
Log Inventory. This module is popular on the coast and several rivers systems providing you the tools to acquire your logs in rafts or booms and track all associated gear etc. An extension of TallyWorks Logs, this module integrates with TallyWorks Lumber for log or section consumption, cost transfer and fiber recovery reporting.
Accounting System Integration. TallyWorks has been integrated with almost every known financial system. Effectively we tie transaction processing to your G/L, A/R and A/P systems making TallyWorks the most powerful, industry specific sub-ledger to some of the largest and some of the most cost-effective financial systems known. The TallyWorks suite of software being entirely Microsoft SQL based makes integration straight-forward and direct. No middle software is required and with that, integration issues common in other database platforms are eliminated.
Reporting & Analysis. TallyWorks comes complete with hundreds of reports each with extensive filters and layout configuration options. All filters can be saved and short cuts created. In addition, being a Microsoft based platform, every report can be exported to excel for further, user manipulation.
Several 3rd party report tools such as Crystal Reports can be powerful accessories to those power users wishing to create their own reports. TallyWorks provides several 'Data Grids' empowering users to sort and filter their data quickly and easily on screen and turn that into a quick report. Another popular tool is the TallyWorks Executive Dashboard, or 'TED'. This tool pulls information from all our software' and others you may be utilizing and displays it as user specific KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) for quick and easy reference or alerts to issues before they go bad.
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